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About Us

Born in 2016 as a company for import-export of second-hand clothes and accessories, 2nd-Hand Srl is specialized in the vintage clothing segment, transforming its nature into 2017, becoming the first Italian company to sell vintage selected clothing and accessories, all divided by over 100 categories.

The passion for Vintage, however, was born 20 years ago with Millesimè, now established in the wholesale and retail of vintage clothing, which boasts a historical archive with more than 1000 pieces since the 1920s.

Located in the industrial area of ​​Pastorano, the 2nd-Hand Srl is developed on an area of ​​over 2000 square meters, in which take place not only the stocking of the gears, but the real selection of garments. Each product in fact is subjected to a careful selection not only by quality, but above all for Vintage’s taste and aesthetic value.

The garments are then divided into 120 categories and stored in 25kg bags. Every day a huge amount of merchandise is processed, this allows 2nd-Hand Srl to be always ready to satisfy all orders in a short time. All the process is handled in an industrial way with the help of ad-hoc management programs.